I Love


in the beautiful city of Brisbane with a coffee, yoga, a chat to my cat and my other half. The rest of my day is spent working on creative projects, acting or volunteering. From rehearsals to amazing conversations which help me grow, learn and be humbled by the people I meet.


Living half of my life in Southern Africa and the other half in Australia, I have been lucky to grow up experiencing the wonders of two continents. This has informed my soul, my work, my love of life and people.

I was born in a small town in South Africa called Welkom. Which is ‘Welcome’ in Afrikaans, so I like to say that I was welcomed into this world. I absolutely loved growing up in Joburg, Southern Africa. I was so privileged to be surrounded by many different cultures. The heart of Southern Africa beats to a drum and I miss it dearly. There is so much love, laughter, singing and dancing within every day life. Yes there is violence, hatred and oppression but there is also so much more. There is a vibrant life energy that is like no other place I’ve experienced, there is color, wildlife, beautiful people and breathtaking sunsets. If you ever travel to Southern Africa go to the Transkei. It is my favorite place on Earth.

Shardé Anne has built her career with a decade of Brisbane Theatre and Festival performances from Unspeakable Acts of Privacy with Lynn Bradley to the All Female Cast of DNA for Anywhere Theatre Festival and multiple roles in Greg Andreas’ 10 Short Play Series Neuroses at Metro Arts. Alongside this is her work in Local Films from Jiva to her leading role in Brisbane – The Movie to be released in 2021.