A grief-stricken scientist continues forbidden research, makes a life changing discovery, and creates a new order to save those he loves.

Jiva Official Teaser 2018 – GP2 Entertainment

OFFICIAL 2018 TEASER – FEATURE FILM: "JIVA"We are extremely proud to show the official teaser of our biggest film yet, the thriller, supernatural feature film: Jiva.The film itself is still knee-deep in principal photography, and even casting for a teenager role as we speak. The credits will change over time, so these are not final, but as it stands, here are the cast and crew, who have worked, and are working their tails off to bring a globally distributable, Hollywood-level-story, Australian feature film, to life.Teaser edited by the amazing Mike 'Valiant' CrickIMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8517736/?ref_=nm_knf_i1SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC7cSpyJJtLhxS9ud5q3dSpw"A grief-stricken scientist, Julian, continues forbidden research after the death of his lead researcher, Doctor Lane, and the shutting down of Intech labs. Julian makes a life changing discovery, finding that their research could not only change the world, but carve a path to save those he lost. He partners with a weary cop, Shane, whose faith in a failing justice system has diminished, to take down a significant criminal threat to Australia's society, the seemingly untouchable Triad leader, Jason Zhang."Cast: (In NO particular order)Wayno Bassett as "Paul"Sabrina Matruglio as "Anna"Shannon Fels as "Sam"Mathew Swift as "Kris"Chantal Elyse as “Brenda”Grace Garnett (Trish Garnett) as “Violet”Lisa Parkes as “Jennifer”Bella Rose (Leisa Rose) as "Sasha"Holly Axsentieff as "Asja"Sean Dennehy as "Julian"Vanessa Bristow as "Dr Lane"Braden Laurin as "Chase"Isis Caljé as "Sandra"Winnie Mzembe as "Laura"Korey Williams as "Frank"Greg Powell as "Shane"Philippa Bennett as "Charlotte" Oscar Bailey as "Dave"Carolyn Dante as "Nastasia"Sarah Kathleen / Sarah Rogers as "Kat"Martin Sta Ana as "Jason Zhang"Charlotte Mackey (Krysten Mackey) as "Yvette"Zahlee Moore as "Child Anna"Sidney Shorten as "Jade"Raine O'Connor as "Past Anna"Michael Deed as "Alex"Shardé Anne as "Nicole"Paul Talbot as "Rob"Hunter Winsor / Heather Hunter Winsor as "Zara"Wilhelmina Lyffyt as "Chief Greer"Grace Garnett (Trish Garnett) as "Violet"Mikaela Colquhoun / Mikaela Rae as "Naomi"Teirah Green (Karen Maylee) as "Heather"Daniel Potts as "Spear"Rose Powell as “Cafe Singer”Meghan Jarvis as “The girl in the yellow dress”Ellyse Gough as "Cinema Girl" Zachary Paul as "Getaway Car Driver"Anthony Miller as "Cinema Cop 1"Toni Roni Mcghee as "Cinema Cop 2"Crew: (In NO Particular order)GREG Powell (Director)Peter Koevari (Creative & Executive Producer, Screenwriter, Casting Director)Rachael Bristow / Renzo Massimo (Assistant Directors)Clinton Harn (Director of Photography)Hughie Williams-Karaitiana (Cinematographer / 2nd Director of Photography)Ethan Hong (Crow City Studios) (Gaffer, Lighting, Set Hand, BTS)Jonathan Creed – Production Assistant / Technical AdvisorMike 'Valiant' Crick (1st AC / BTS)Tina Eastley (Focus Puller / 2nd AC)Euan Paterson (Focus Puller / 2nd AC)Cmos Le (Focus Puller / 2nd AC)Lawrence McCudden (Focus Puller / 2nd AC)Emma-Louise Clinton (Lead Production Designer / Script / Continuity)Tessa Labelleame – Labelleame Beauty – Micro Beauty Bar (Lead HMUA)Anna Mathiassen – Lead MUAFabian Rojas – Sound Nathan Steendam – Production AssistantRose Powell – CateringShona Ho – Set HandLisa Clarke – First Aid / ScriptRose Powell – CostumeDaniel Potts – Armourer (The Rifleman's Armoury)Phil Skeet – Fight AssistantTim Alexander – Fight Co-OrdinatorTamara Duffield – MUA Georgina Condon – MUALuke Koster – Sound Assist.Vicky Wanless – P.A. Cinema ScenesRani shankar – MUA Cafe Scenes / Car ScenesTactical Edge Hobbies – Tactics, Extras, WeaponsExtras / Featured Extras (In NO Particular order)Rani ShankarAnna MathiassenAlly EastmanJamie ChristensenBridget SusAnnabelle XavierKhal TarabayMridula ArunTactical Edge HobbiesSerene DuffSara Bee SidwellJeff CampbellRosanna AngelaDermot Hogan Josie Cooper

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Feature Film  (filming)
Directed By:

Gregg Powel.

Written By:

Peter Koevari.

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